Frankfurt city sketch

          After a year of no update, there are many thing happen. The pass year I have moved to live in Frankfurt, and yeah I got some sketch from there. Later on there will be more sketch from the cafe around Frankfurt. 
           Keep in touch to see more city and town sketching.


ECB , and Frankfurt dishes : Apple wine, schnitzel and beer! 


one of the longest finishing ever

I just finish packing for moving. And I found this, one of my sketch from 3years ago. I never got to finish it and this is just how it look like now. I like to watch carp swimming around in the pond, so relaxing. :-) 


Summer time

                 It is kind of cold for summer in Denmark, so the lilac just start to bloom few weeks ago. This where my inspiration come from. Also I would like to try so some painting without drawing line as well. Here is the first one. There will be another in this series. yay... enjoy Summer. :-)