Character Sketches

                 After 5 months of none-blog update, I have been busy with 3D projects from school. Along those time, I usually take my mind of from when I was doing by sketched some characters out of my imagination, observed people at the cafe where I usually hang out on the weekend. Most of pictures, the drawing had been done a while ago, but I just got time to put the color on it when I render my 3D scene. And of course I will post  my 3D project which I spend most of my time on somtetime soon.  :-)  

This girls, I got inspiration when it was winter time in Denmark, and most of the time I stay inside, keep myself warm, eat some hot beverage or food. So I got idea to dress up my character with the food theme. 
For the boy and girl, I heard the stories telling from my friend that he use to play as batman by get some towel and used it as cape. 

Sketched of people from cafe and from the street. 

After I watch Tsumori Chisato , Japanese fashion designer collection. I got inspired to came up with these drawing , therefore just to enjoy the color when it has been put together. 

On the leftside of the page, I recall the character in the book in Thai which I read as a kid 'Kru Wai jai ray'. Then I draw picter of her as I imagine what she look like. :-)  On the rightside, again.. I have fun with color combination. 

The Lady who came into my mind from time to time.