Season change watercolor paint

Here are some of my watercolor work, take quite a while to finish it, after make the drawing. Many of them were draw long ago but I just got time to put the color on not so long ago. Hope you enjoy : ) 

MorningTime over the roof : watercolor + ink, I was thinking a bout Babe the movie I watch when I was a kid, and this what I rememeber from my mind. 

In the barn : This one start from my doodle in sketch book, but I think it maybe fun to put the color on. So I did it. Since the paper wasn't made for watercolor .... it absorb a lot of color and water. And this is the most deepest color I could get from this, the paper couldn't take anymore of paint.

Tree at the train station : I did a quick sketch while I was waiting for the train to Ã…rhus, and this is the tree that I saw at the otherside of the track, but for squirrels I add them myself, also put on watercolor afterward.

TeaTime: I made for friend who work at the cafe near school. She would like to have it for her freind's birthday. I made the bunny and squirrel having tea party. This is the first painting I have sold. 

Four seasons girl (work in progress) : I am inspired by the season change. Then I have a plan to make one painting according to the season. Now it halfway through, so I will update the finished ones again when the summer end.