Cozy Christmas collection 2013

                A little update from my Christmas greeting collection this year, I did actually make 14 different designs for Christmas card this year. There are 4 designs in Cookies jar series, 4 designs in Snow globe series plus addition Boy and Girl skate , for the small size cards. For every cards in small series are painted by hand. :-) I was having lot of fun while doing it. 

Cookies jar series. Yum yum! 

Snow globe series. 

Boy and Girl skate, which have in both A6 and A7 size. 

A litle bit of grand-pa ,grand-ma portrait. :-) 

                   And this is the designs for A6 size series, I call them personally "Bunny series" , they are bunny family enjoy their Christmas as we do. I make limited printed on this series with help from my kind friend in Bangkok. She made such a quality print for me, every card had printed on watercolour paper.

The bunny series. 

                     Other than this, there are some card that actually original and had been sold before I took picture of it. And some I have only the photo of it now. 

This is belong to Elisabeth, one of my sweet friend.

This is the prototype of 4 small card series, all sold already.