Flashback of Imaginations :etching technique

       Once I am in love with traditional etching process , so here are my series of etching which took 4 months for me to make. It was my bachelor project when I studied in Faculty of Fine and Applied Art at Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand. That was really good time. 

      This project was named as Flashback of imaginations. The original inspiration and the idea, came when I was remind from my own travel experiences, children books and the artist name Chihiro Iwasaki by look at the photographs I took from those times. All the memories I had within those pictures would pop-up in my head but not so clear and the photograph itself, so I used my imagination to visualize those experience plus the stories and characters I think about. The idea of the project was to created  where the places I really like and all animals and human live in the same world and participate as equal to each other.

While it was exhibited 

First piece : Map of all the other pieces in this series : Etching with water color on top. 20x25 cm

Little town in the middle: title : we are coming to town , etching with water color 25x40 cm

title : Breeze 20x20 cm

 title: There are a party 30x35 cm

title: It's waiting 20x20 cm

title: ... 25x25 cm

title: while we were at home , 25x45 cm

title: stay on journey 25x35 cm

title: Let play a game 20x40 cm

 title: On their playground 25x20 cm 

title: Tree house 40x60 cm

I hope everyone enjoy have a look at my old work, the point is it is hard to fine place where you can do etching, there are not many studio where they still have etching press anymore. But I would always like to make and enjoy working process of etching again. One of my life goal is to have my own etching studio :D