Summer Sketches

 Within this summer , I had been in few places, so I did draw some sketch. Some of drawing had been started since July but I just have time to finish it up last week. All of these drawing were made by ink,pen and   water color. I hope everyone will enjoy it as I enjoy made it as well. :) 

BatCave, one of the drawing I made in my spare time on summer holiday. 

Birthday Card 

ViborgLake : Aug 2012

Sketch from Florence Aug 2012

Vibirg NothLake Aug 2012

Drawing: July 2012 : I did draw this one once in a while, and about to finish this one at last, I thought about what I want my studio to look like. Since I didnt make any plan or draft,so this one take few hours every week to work on, but I did have fun and enjoy drawing this one a lot.  

Lecture sketch : Oct 2012, in this one I wanna try to draw something different, something creepy.. and this is the result. 

Brush stroke + Drawing, for this one I make silly brush stroke for the assignment at school, but it hasnt been used for anything after all. So I think about add some funny things in it and having fun with composition solve :) 

Batman &Robins , i was asking to draw Batman once, and yeah... this what I can do. promise I will make better Batman next time.